8 Color Schemes That Increase Conversion

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Marketing and design professionals understand one critical fact about color: it’s more than just a design choice; it’s a pivotal element in your conversion toolbox. Colors evoke emotions, grab attention, highlight your brand’s personality, and guide customers to your desired actions. If you’re ready to embrace color with conversion in mind, below are eight proven color schemes to consider.


  1. Blue and White: The Trust Factor

    Nothing beats the classic combo of blue and white when it comes to instilling trust. Think of it as the power suit of color schemes. It’s professional, crisp, versatile, and reliable. This calm, steady color scheme is ideal for industries where trust isn’t just a plus—it’s necessary.


  1. Red and Yellow: The Hunger Games

    Have you ever wondered why you crave a burger when driving past certain fast-food chains? That’s not just brand recognition; it’s red and yellow working their magic. Red is your go-getter, creating a sense of urgency, while yellow smiles and waves in friendliness. It’s a one-two punch of energy and appetite, perfect for grabbing customers’ attention and driving impulse buys.


  1. Green and Brown: In Sync with Nature

    Green and brown are your earthy hero colors in the eco-conscious consumer market. Shades of green evoke feelings of natural positivity, freshness, and thriving health, while brown stands strong with its earthy, robust roots. This color palette makes customers feel more connected with Mother Nature, which is ideal for brands riding the green wave.


  1. Black and Gold: That Luxe Life

    Want to spell luxury without saying a word? Pair black with gold in your spotlight designs. Black has always been the epitome of sophistication, giving print pieces a classy, timeless touch. And gold? It’s the Midas touch. Together, they’re a VIP pass to high-end appeal, perfect for brands that speak the language of luxury or for promoting exclusive experiences and products.


  1. Orange and Blue: A Study in Balance

    Here’s to the mavericks! Orange and blue are your go-to for a mix of fun (hello, orange!) and serious business (trustworthy blue). With the eye-catching appeal of a complementary color pairing, this duo is like a well-mixed cocktail, vibrant yet balanced, and perfect for brands that straddle the line between playful and professional.


  1. Purple and Silver: Future Focus

    For the innovators, dreamers, and tech-savvy folk, purple and silver should be your go-to color combination. Purple is the traditional color of royalty, presenting an air of creativity and luxury, while silver whisks you away with a sleek and futuristic flair. This combo is a ticket to tomorrow and ideal for brands that are shaping the future.


  1. Teal and Coral: Refreshingly Different

    Sometimes, it’s about standing out in a sea of sameness. Teal and coral are your oasis from the busy world of constant messaging and visual stimuli. Teal brings calm, thoughtful vibes, while coral adds a splash of energy and warmth. This pair is a breath of fresh air, perfect for brands looking to make a refreshing impact.


  1. Pink and Navy: Soft Yet Strong

    Pink and navy are the unexpected power couple with a major impact. Pink flirts with fun, good cheer, and approachability, while navy brings a sense of strength, calm, and reliability. Try this unexpected pairing for brands that walk the line between playful charm and authoritative wisdom.

Choose wisely, test relentlessly, and align your color scheme with your brand values and messaging. Then, sit back and watch as colors transform your brand from just another average company to a memorable maverick in the marketplace.