DirectMail 360

Increase direct mail response rates up to 46% with DirectMail 360. We connect your direct mail efforts to social media and digital advertisting campaigns to increase customer touchpoints.

Blend Your DirectMail and Digital Campaigns

Combine direct mail and digital marketing into one easy-to-manage campaign with DirectMail 360. Send direct mail, track mail, time social advertising to create response lift, and retarget web visitors using digital ads.

Most campaigns only offer one touchpoint to each customer. With DirectMail 360, customers get eight to twelve touchpoints, all with a single mailing.


Increase Awareness,
Engagement, and Response Rates

Simplify Campaign Management

Combine direct mail with digital advertising, mail tracking, and inbound call tracking. After sending, then create timely social ads to boost your campaign.

Why Use
DirectMail 360

Give customers more reasons to engage. Increase touchpoints with your target audience, leading to more sales and awareness.

DirectMail 360

Track, measure, manage, and optimize your combined campaigns with a transparent dashboard that features detailed reporting capabilities.

Standard Press DirectMail 360 Capabilities

Maximize your campaigns by integrating direct mail and digital advertising.

Our experienced team helps you find smart, cost-effective ways to amplify your direct mail campaigns with targeted digital efforts. Then you can measure, manage, and optimize those efforts with a personalized dashboard.

  • Integrate direct mail with digital marketing technology
  • Increase awareness and conversions among direct mail recipients
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Integrate Google and Facebook Ads
  • Retarget web visitors with online ads
  • Track when your mail is delivered
  • Track inbound calls to measure response