Transform your communication and stand out with print embellishments like coatings, gold foil, and embossing.

AMPLIFY Your Message with Digital Print Embellishments

Turn it up! Emphasize your message with AMPLIFY by Standard Press, a powerful print service that creates exponential impact. This unique digital print offering gives you the power to add personalized embellishments like coatings, overprints, foil, and embossing with the utmost flexibility, speed, and affordability.

Enhance your marketing pieces to deliver tactile, memorable messages that stand out and inspire people to see, feel, and remember.

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Get Noticed and Increase Your ROI

How does

AMPLIFY creates tactile effects. Add enhancements like UV coatings, foil stamping, sculpted embossed graphics, and special textures without expensive plates or dyes.

Why use

Take your traditional print projects to the next level. Personalization and affordability make AMPLIFY a flexible, easy way to customize your print projects without compromise.

The Benefits of

Create with confidence knowing that your amplified special effects can be proofed without any investment of dies or plates, so you’ll know exactly how the end product will look.

Standard Press Digital Printing Enhancements

Turn printed pieces into a visual and tactile brand experience with AMPLIFY.

This innovative technology offers a wealth of ways to add sensory special effects with optimal speed, affordability and flexibility. AMPLIFY can be used on brochures, direct mail, packaging, point-of-sale and more.

Stand out with affordable, high-quality materials and special details to make your brand memorable. Talk to our team of digital printing professionals and find out how you can turn up the volume on your next project.


  • No plates or dies needed
  • 12 unique embellishment options and limitless possiblities
  • Highly detailed
  • Personalized messaging with special effects like foil or raised UV
  • High gloss spot UV to add shine to photos
  • Sculpted and textured UV to increase tactile response
  • AMPLIFY turns ordinary print into extraordinary brand experiences
  • A cost-effective way to activate interest, deepen engagement and increase marketing ROI