Send Us Your Files.

We Got It.


Sending files is easy with our file transfer system. The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) ensures your file is protected and offers a hassle-free way to transfer data and images.

When sending a file, please note the following tips:

  1. Log into our FTP server by clicking on the 'Upload A File' button.
  2. To access our public site, enter username “Public” and password “stpress”
  3. Browse to select the file(s) or drag and drop the file you want to send us, then click the Begin Upload button.
  4. Once your upload is complete, make sure you call or email your Standard Press representative to let them know you have sent the file. They will check to make sure the file was received in proper format.

General Tips on Sending Files

  • To avoid corruption and speed up your transfer time, compress (zip or stuff) the file before you send it.

  • Windows users: Zip the file(s) using WinZip or right click and select Send To Compressed (zipped) Folder

  • Mac users: Stuff the file(s) using DropStuff or Stuffit.

  • For large files: Upload one file at a time. This prevents timeout errors and helps to ensure successful loads.

  • Please name your files with an easily identifiable label.