Marketing Technologies

Automate and optimize your marketing to achieve all your business goals. Our experienced team and advanced technology can help you plan, create, and manage automated campaigns and set up a branded marketing portal, putting resources, on-demand print ordering, and inventory management at your fingertips.


End-to-end Support for Marketing Campaigns

Attract new customers and keep current customers engaged. Standard Press has a suite of state-of-the-art technology platforms and a dedicated team of onsite programmers to automate and optimize your marketing efforts.

Lean on us to help you set up strategic and impactful marketing campaigns or triggered responses for events, product and service promotion, and lead generation. Allow your team to focus on other high-impact work, without sacrificing attention to your audience.

Marketing Portals

Place orders for all of your print projects on demand, including warehouse items, branded promotional products, and more, from one easy-to-access online location.


Strengthen connections using powerful drip marketing campaigns. Manage and measure data across multiple channels.

Augmented Reality

Get noticed and engage potential customers. Add Augmented Reality features to direct mail, catalogs, business cards, and more.

Get the highest-quality products and services expertly tailored to your needs.