Driplify by Standard Press is a sales automation platform that uses a combination of email, web, and social media channels to create campaigns that attract and retain your target audience.

Connect with customers seamlessly
with automated drip campaigns.

Master marketing efficiency by connecting with your customer through automated, integrated omnichannel marketing campaigns.

Have peace of mind your customers and prospects are moving through your sales funnel with our end-to-end automated sales and marketing solutions. We can architect programs that will deliver the right message at the right time. Manage your campaigns, measure results, and optimize sales funnel performance.

What is Driplify?

How Driplify Works

Driplify is a sales automation platform designed by Standard Press to help organizations connect with their customers through automated, integrated campaigns on a variety of platforms, including your website, email marketing, and social media.

Why Use Driplify

Complement your marketing with touches that can be easily deployed by your entire organization. Connect your target audience with an omnichannel strategy that incorporates mulitple platforms to  measure and manage your campaigns.

The Benefits of Driplify

Driplify by Standard Press gives you complete customization in sales automation platform plus full support of our team of experts. Marketing campaigns are easy to set up and optimize for maximum sales funnel performance.

Driplify Capabilities

Driplify is a fast and efficient way to run an integrated omnichannel campaign.

  • Marketing automation made easy
  • Comprehesive support, including copy, design and programming
  • Perfect for drip marketing and lead nurturing
  • Simplifies event and tradeshow follow-up
  • Triggered messaging options
  • Behavioral scoring to identify engaged leads
  • Individual QR codes and Personalized URLs
  • Data analytics
  • Real-time notifications when leads respond
  • An effective and easy solution for either sales or marketing to add leads and kick off a drip campaign