Maximize Your Marketing ROI with USPS’ 2024 Emerging and Advanced Technology Promotion

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At Standard Press, we’re always here to help you make the most of every marketing dollar. One of the best tools in your direct mail arsenal is the smart use of the annual USPS Postal Promotions, which offer discounts on pre-registered direct mail campaigns that meet specific requirements for enhancements, scheduling, and more.


One of the most exciting promotions is the Emerging and Advanced Technology promotion, good through December 31, 2024. This promotion encourages you to integrate high-tech solutions into your mail campaigns, engaging your audiences while increasing recall, engagement, and ROI. Choose from several different technologies with two distinct tiers of discounts:

Which Technologies Are Included?

Before you begin designing your campaign, here’s what you need to know about each technology.


3% Discount Tier

At this tier, you’ll dip your toe into the pool of advanced technology enhancement. These relatively basic solutions will engage recipients and provide you with valuable insights.


Enhanced Augmented Reality takes direct mail pieces and enhances them into real-world objects using 3-D images. Using an app and QR code, recipients can scan their mail piece and view 3-D elements or modules, animations, or other interactive elements that actively use the viewers’ perspectives. Use it to direct recipients to an engaging, interactive experience in multiple dimensions, from a virtual tour to digital “try-ons” and more. Talk to your Standard Press account executive if you would like a demo.


Basic Integration with Voice Assistant (like Alexa) incorporates voice prompts to guide customers’ explorations. It doesn’t require a custom voice assistant to be developed but gives instructions directing recipients to use a voice prompt to deliver a consistent targeted response or action through a voice device.


Mobile Shopping integrates various mobile technologies for convenient, seamless online shopping experiences. Use QR codes, image recognition, digital watermarks, and directional copy, which can then be scanned on a mobile device and lead to a mobile-optimized commerce site.


4% Discount Tier

This tier is for you if you’re already comfortable with basic technology and ready for an upgrade. With more complex and creative possibilities, these solutions leverage the best of today’s technological solutions to elevate your mail pieces, improve your results, and stay in the minds of your target audience for longer.


Advanced Integration with Voice Assistant takes voice assistant usage to the next level. Instead of using basic commands, you’ll leverage customized skills or actions built for your company using complex modules via voice assistant developer-based toolkits or platforms, such as Alexa Skill Kit or Google Console. Alternatively, leverage existing modules using highly customized and complex scripting and content.


Video in Print (VIP) turns your print pieces into interactive video experiences. These might include scannable QR codes that connect you to a virtual experience, embedded NFC chips, and other high-tech solutions.


Near Field Communication (NFC) embeds chips into your direct mail pieces, allowing them to use short-range wireless connectivity to connect mail to electronic devices. When recipients tap a mobile device or wave it over the mail piece, it triggers an interactive experience, like an audio clip or a video experience.


Mixed Reality (MR) allows you to blend physical and virtual spaces through a combined immersive technology that can include sight, sound, and touch. They may require goggles or headsets to deliver the experience after scanning or tapping (either as part of the mailing or the user’s device).


Virtual Reality (VR) creates wholly artificial, multisensory experiences. Tapping an NFC chip or scanning a QR code, in conjunction with the use of VR equipment like goggles or a headset, immerses audiences in a virtual experience.


Postal Promotions at Standard Press

Standard Press offers start-to-finish support for all your postal promotion needs. Along with our extensive print and mailing expertise, we stay up-to-date on the latest technologies, including those that could make your campaign eligible for the Emerging and Advanced Technology postal promotion.


If you’re excited about elevating your direct mail to the next level and reaping all the rewards, talk to Standard Press. We’ll work with you to design a memorable campaign, choose the right technology to integrate, and ensure it meets all the requirements to save you money, improve ROI, and make a lasting impression on your brand.